September 26, 2010

Little High, Little Low ! (Faiza)

Little high little low! So the first day came of the University and went so fast on Tuesday 21st September’10. Hmm so the few things or rather thoughts that I realised across my mind after joining the university.

1)    High aims – want to achieve something very high. It feels good to stand on ground and watch up high at your aim but it feels best when you stand up high and others watch you as their AIM.

2)    Parents – I wish I could return their love and favours like they loved me and pampered me all my life. I have a lot to do for them and I hope God will give me strength and make them enjoy the things I’ll do for them.

3)      Books I never read – Everyday I get up from my bed, I look at my bookshelf and promise myself to start reading the books I bought from over 5 years now. At least a page. Never happens.

4)      Baking – It inspires me. The teeny amount of oil which is needed to bake is absolutely stunning. Also I get to bake cakes and cakes spread joy and love!

5)      History – It amazes me. The deceit, the power and the ungodliness. The secrets, the mysteries and the cruelty. It makes me realize every nation is a child of conspiracies and shams. I read everything starting from Greek mythologies and wars to current affairs.

6)      Two things I want! – get a degree then a Job!  I never want to be someone who would sit behind a desk from 9 – 5 job and write prescriptions or printing off the invoices or some random papers. I am a graphic designer at heart and by profession. I am aiming towards the dream that I’ve dreamt of achieving a high degree that make me and my parents proud and design the world with my creative ideas and make it beautiful with full of colours ! I can dream, can’t I !?